Travelling to Paleros is, thanks to the nearby airport quite easy.
The actual name of the airport is Aktio, but your travel agency will call it airport Preveza, because that is the nearest bigger city. When you look for flights the airport is used for travelling to Lefkada island, or Lefkas island, a popular tourist destination.
The airport is 30 minutes away, a 40 euro fair by taxi.
Flights from holland is servedĀ  with Transavia & TuiĀ  airlines. Flights from Germany are with Air Berlin from Duesseldorf, also frequently used by dutch travellers because they are cheaper. Flights from the UK are more frequent, some of the pricefighters fly to Preveza. Many english flights arrive in the weekend. Have a look at the link page for some travel suggestions.
When all flights to Preveza are fully booked, you can also fly to the island of Corfu, and then take the ferry to Igoumenitsa on the mainland, where you can get the bus to Lefkada. From there a taxi will bring you to Paleros, or on odd times we can help you out with a lift.
Another great way to get to Paleros is by car. If you have the time and if you like driving, the way to go is to either Ancona or Venice in Italy. There you can take the ferryboat (Anek Lines or Minoan lines) to Igoumenitsa. From there it is a 2 hour drive to Paleros. The roads are pretty good and not overcrowded.